An ISO certified company, engaged in manufacturing and exporting industrial process equipment including cartridge filters, demineralization plant, pultrusion rods known for their efficient performance and low maintenance.
Process Equipments Division
Water Treatment Equipment
Air Pollution Control Equipment
HCL Storage FRP Tank
Static Mixer
DM Plant
GRP & FRP Cartridge Filter
WWTP Division - Water & Wastewater Treatment
Filteration Equipment
Pultrusion Products
Pickling Tank
FRP Mixed Bed Vessel
Water Softenings
FRP Blower
Industrial Reactors
Chemical & Acid Storage Tanks
Cartridge Filters
Cartridge Filter Housings
FRP Reactors
HCL Storage Tank
Fume Exhaust System
Industrial Vessel
Chemical Process Equipments
FRP Strainers
GRP & FRP Bag Filters
GRP & FRP Basket Filters
GRP & FRP Basket Strainers
GRP & FRP Y Type Strainers
GRP & FRP T Type Strainers
FRP Tanks
New Items
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